About Us


You only need 3 things to start lifting: yourself, gravity and of course some heavy ass weights. Hopefully you already have the first two, and we can supply the 3rd one.
Our mission is to be the leading supplier of gym equipment to the whole world. Starting with you, reading this mission statement, wanna buy some bumper plates ? We have a full stock of those.



We are a group of fitness enthusiasts who just like killing shit in the gym. When we are not throwing weights around, counting calories or tracking macros, we are working our asses off to make External Strength your go to place for the best deals on gym equipment & fitness accessories in the galaxy.
So make sure to stock up on those 45 plates and 100 pounds dumbbells before they are sold out. Get 30 minimum and start that overtraining routine you’ve been putting off for the last 2 and half years.
But that’s not all. Over at External Strength you will also find an awesome community of gym goers, kick-ass content and a team of professionals ready to spot you whenever you need help with any of our products. We are dead serious about lifting and we promote a healthy and responsible approach to any kind of physical activity.
We can supply all the heavy equipment you will ever need to build yourself a kick ass garage gym, as well as all kinds of accessories to make you look cool even on your rest days. So make sure to dump a whole bunch of your hard earned money on some shiny, brand new and absolutely necessary gym gear which will show off your personality and impress your friends.
_For all the noobs out there we have a special “Fake Weights” category to make you look like you are lifting harder even though you are curling 10 pounds dumbbells. So be sure to check that out.



If you are on a mission to stop being small, get bitches and impress your buddies, you can come to us for directions. Bookmark this shit now and make sure to keep coming back.
PS: For orders over $100,000 we might even hook you up with some Magic External Powder Preworkout (ya know what I mean) for a little bit of an extra boost.

Terms and conditions apply, won’t be shipped to CrossFitters, tnx.)
Over and out,
External Strength.